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20 Weird Cultural Taboos To Be Aware Of

  1. While you’re in Thailand and Arab countries,  do not point your shoe/foot to another person. The feet is considered an unclean part of the body.
  2. In Thailand, make sure you do not touch the head of someone older than you, or don’t touch the head at all, for that matter.
  3. In Africa, make sure you’re head is not above a Tribal chiefs’ when talking to him.
  4. If you’re a male, do not try to shake hands with an orthodox (covered) Muslim woman.
  5.  Make sure you take your shoes off before you enter a Japanese household.
  6. Make sure you say “takk for maten” (thank you for the meal) in Scandinavia. It is a must !
  7. Never eat standing up in Indonesia.
  8. Never wear red to a funeral in China. Never write a person’s name in red in Korea.
  9. Never chew or blow gum in public in Austria, Italy, Germany, or Malaysia.
  10. In India in several other places, do not eat with your left hand.
  11.  Sunday is not meant for cutting grass in Switzerland.
  12.  Do not point with your chopsticks in Japan.
  13. Don’t gift wine to somebody in France.
  14. Do not spit in public when in Germany and in the UK.
  15. Do not gift roses of an even amount during a romantic occasion in Russia.
  16. It is considered vulgar to stretch or yawn in public in Spain.
  17. Do not touch a Mongolian’s head, hat, or horse.
  18. Cambodia believes that you shouldn’t take pictures of 3 people together.
  19. It is bad luck for a building to have a 13th floor in the US, and a 4th floor is considered unlucky in China.
  20. Do not share food from the same plate while in Nepal. It is considered disgusting, quite opposite from Korea.


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20 Weird Cultural Taboos To Be Aware Of

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