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10 Taboos Of The World

“Taboo” comes from a Polynesian word called “tabu”, which means prohibited or unacceptable. Taboos mean different things to different regions, religions, or societies.  This variation causes some acts to be taboo in some societies, while may be considered completely normal in other places. This articles takes to through 10 of the most common taboos existing in human societies.


Cannibalism, without doubt, is the most extreme of taboos for human beings. But Cannibalism does exist in the biological sense of the world, and is not uncommon at all. Without it, the existence of species will be threatened. Almost all human societies have taboos against dealing with human corpses, let alone eating the flesh of one. But cannibalism has been observed among humans during various situations such as famine, war, insanity, and religious ceremonies. The known groups practicing cannibalism in the present world are the Korowai tribe of south-east Papua and the Aghoris of India.


Incest is a  very common taboo in various cultures. Among relationships of incestuous nature, parent-child and sibling-sibling unions are the ones that are most abhorred. Incest has occurred in many cultures throughout history, but modern times has seen a decline in formally practiced incest. Although many countries prohibit incest, many countries like Israel, China, Russia, France, and Turkey do not have any legal prohibition against incest. Incest results in inbreeding and the offspring are likely to suffer from congenital birth defects.

Abnormal sexual relationships

Human beings are used to considering heterosexual relationships excluding incest as normal. All other sexual preferences and practices are considered abnormal and have strong taboos attached to them in most societies.  Homosexuality, bestiality, pedophilia, necrophilia, and masturbation are examples.


Murdering another human being is considered as extreme unless it occurs during war or self-defense. The subsequent disorder from enduring individual instances of murders has constrained society to consider murder as a prohibited act. Be that as it may, regardless of social and legitimate preclusions against murder, they do happen rather consistently because of different reasons.


The will to live is the most grounded yearning in any living being. Consequently, suicide oftentimes is considered taboo as it outperforms even the most grounded yearning to have its spot. It is additionally viewed as a religious taboo as every one of the religions have restricted it. It is frequently put stock in numerous religions that the spirit of a suicide casualty won’t discover peace and is prevented the entryways from securing paradise. A few religions additionally preclude suicide as they consider human life to be sacrosanct and a blessing from God, not to be tempered with. Suicide is additionally a legal crime in numerous purviews.


People have never been comfortable with dead bodies. Dead bodies are for the most part discarded in inaccessible places after religious functions. Touching or being in contact with human body is regularly viewed as unclean and plain inadmissible. Hardening with graves or taking care of disintegrating corpses is additionally disliked. Indeed, even restorative pathologists directing dissections on dead bodies are not seen as typical and the employment is regularly considered socially unsuitable. Some religious gatherings or ethnic gatherings even restrict post-mortem examination on the ground that the method will damage the body.

Eating Carnivorous Animals

In spite of the fact that meat-eating is a genuinely regular practice among individuals, the meat is normally sourced from vegitarian animals. Flesh of predatory creatures is frequently not devoured in numerous parts of the world. There is a solid social taboo against eating meat of rapacious creatures. Exemptions incorporate bear, fox, dog , crocodile, shark, most fish and duck.

Foods and Drinks

Numerous sorts of food and drinks are viewed as unthinkable and not eaten in light of geology, region, religion, ethnicity, climate and culture. Religious laws frequently control the criteria which qualifies a food as forbidden. Cases are Jewish dietary law (Kashrut), Islamic dietary law (Halal), Hindu dietary law and Jain dietary law. While hamburger is disallowed for Hindus, pork is denied for Jews and Muslims. Then again, Jains are restricted from eating any meat and even a few plants. Most religions preclude from eating flesh and blood. Muslims are restricted from expending liquor, in any shape, while Sikhs are precluded from smoking.

Inter-racial and Inter-religion Marriages

For a long time, inter- racial or inter-religion marriages have been viewed as forbidden. While nonappearance of contact began the taboo in any case, dread of loss of culture character still holds the taboo. Such marriages are frequently considered to get change issues because of various social qualities and social practices. Between religion marriage additionally is contradicted on similar grounds. In any case, the greatest restriction between religion marriage originates from the dread of inter-mingling of faith and loss of identity.

Bodily functions

Normal bodily cycles like menstruation, defecation, urination and fartulence are viewed as social taboos. Individuals for the most part don’t talk about these functions. The vast majority discover the sight, smell and even specify of these sickening. Body functions, for example,thought to be private and are not to be performed before other individuals.Accidental farting, however observed to be socially unsuitable, is generally acknowledged and ignored in casual get-togethers.

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10 Taboos Of The World

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